Fairway and AWI Honor a Texas Army Veteran

February 7, 2018 11:06 am

A local Fairway Independent Mortgage branch in Bryan, TX partnered with the American Warrior Initiative (AWI) to honor a U.S. veteran for their service with a grant. Along with this donation, a residential housing “Boot Camp” was held to train real estate professionals and mortgage planners on how to handle with excellence the home purchase needs of active duty military and veterans.

The honoree at the event, Kevin Jensen, is a Texas A&M student and Army veteran whose home was recently damaged due to flooding. Jensen is a Purple Heart recipient who was injured in combat in Afghanistan and saved a fellow soldier’s life from an explosion. That fellow soldier surprised Jensen by attending the event. Fairway Independent Mortgage and the American Warrior Initiative were able to honor Jensen with a grant of more than $20,000 to be used for repairs of their home.

Co-branch manager Marc Wood loves being part of these fantastic events. He commented,

We had a tremendous turnout for this event.  Louise Thaxton and her team provide an outstanding platform to honor our Veterans.  It is an honor and our pleasure to give back to our local Veterans that serve our country.  We hope that our communities are able to continue to give to them and assist them with purchasing a home of their own.

Founded by Louise Thaxton and Sean Parnell, the American Warrior Initiative is a non-profit organization sponsored by Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, which seeks to ease the transition for U.S. veterans between military and civilian life.

I am proud to work for a company that does so much to honor those who sacrifice for our country. If I can help answer any questions about VA loans or any other home loan options, give me a call.

For more information on this wonderful event, click here.